About Fireseed

Once upon a time back in 2008, we ~ Daniel and Kristalyn ~ were a couple of pagans who liked to make traditional Celtic and Appalachian music as well perform our own original compositions. We wanted a name for our musical duo that reflected our love of nature and our passion for music, so we came up with Fireseed.

Shortly thereafter we decided to research other bands and organizations that used this moniker and discovered that it frequently had a Christian context. We were confused and curious about that and just a mite offended.

In the spring of 2013, we had the blessing of being drawn into fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He got our attention supernaturally, and upon research, we decided that He is indeed “the way, the truth, and the life” as He claims to be in John 14:6 in the Bible. We gave our hearts and our lives to Him and have been living in His joy unspeakable and peace that passeth understanding ever since. He transformed our most painful wounds and issues so that our lives are now an adventure rooted in His passion, nurtured by His love, and renewed by His grace.

A fireseed is the single spark of kindling that ignites the brushfire, that enflames all around it, and we have discovered that this is indeed who the Lord Jesus Christ is. All our praise goes to Him, and we are grateful that He still sees us fit to make music in His Kingdom, music that we hope can point people in the direction of the Light of the world that He is.

Fireseed is Kristalyn Pac on fiddle, vocals, Irish whistle, and percussion and Daniel Pac on piano, double bass, vocals, and percussion. We play rousing and soulful Celtic, Appalachian, and Original dance tunes and songs. We are located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, where we perform, compose, and teach. We make lively and engaging music that references a variety of genres and are available for playing private engagements and for instruction on violin/fiddle and piano. Our newest love is Gospel music, and you can check out a home video we made of one of our first original Gospel songs here.
About Fireseed